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Free the West Memphis Three!

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This is a community for the purposes of other people who want to know more about the West Memphis Three, or just simply talk about them or post their thoughts or ideas. This is in no way connected or endorsed by the official website. This is just a way for LJ users to talk and spread the word on the innocence of these three men.
Here are the rules and here is the little bio sheet about you. Copy and paste the sheet in your entry.

1. How did you hear of the West Memphis Three?

2. Do you own any WM3 memorabilia? (T-shirts, documentaries, etc.)

3. Who do you think did it?

Here are the rules:

1. Only post about the WM3. If you don't, you're out.
2. No accusations about the boys. This is not a place for hecklers.
3. No slamming the families, of both the victims and the accused.
4. No harrassing other members.
5. Have fun, and be educated.
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